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The Tantalizing Gelato

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

When I first tasted gelato about thirteen years back: I was in love! It was at a small shop located in the Old Fort Bay plaza, where I first tasted gelato in green tea and passion fruit flavors, and from then it’s all I’ve wanted. Sadly the green tea flavor became exclusive to a restaurant and after some time the shop disappeared. It was the worse! So imagine my surprise and delight when I heard that a new gelato spot was in town?! I was too happy for words!

So what IS this creamy confection that’s smooth, rich and flavorful but not too sweet, that’s dancing in my mouth?? Watch the video on my Facebook page) to join me through this alluring maze of scents, flavors and colors at Italian Dolce Gelato to find out and discover what makes this treat so unique!

Have you ever tried gelato? What's your favorite flavor? Leave a comment below or on my homepage!

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