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I'm Authentically Mechelle and this blog was published in 2018 as a hub for all things food (recipes, tips, photos and experiences) , with room for travel and lifestyle moments! It connects with a community of persons who enjoy food and are looking for ways to create a euphoric experience through delicious, colorful food with a healthy aspect to it.

Food is so much more than a 4-letter word and has the ability to connect, inspire and create memories. It's a big part of my life and I've experienced its power to unite and create shifts: whether through giving, expression or enjoyment. I believe that everyone has the right to deliciously flavored food without borders.  This connects with my core food beliefs including Food Security, Sustainability and Inclusion. *Check out my video below for a closer glimpse into who is Authentically Mechelle .

If you're a foodie or love healthy food recipes and tips, you will feel at home here as from a food aspect, my blog will showcase how to nourish your body from the inside out and create food you'll love to eat. You may even discover something new.

Stay tuned for posts on my food and lifestyle adventures as well as reviews (event and restaurant) for your reading pleasure.  Writing is my biggest passion and here I can share my thoughts and kitchen with you. Join me on this exciting journey of new sights, sounds and discoveries. Let’s go!
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