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Steps to Renewed Health - 7 Day Body Detox

“A blank canvas...has unlimited possibilities.” - Stephanie Perkins, Author,

Isla and The Happy Ever After

As an artist (writer),I can relate to this quote and also understand just how true and powerful it is. It’s well known that with January comes a feeling of newness, one that’s similar to a blank canvas :- It’s the first of 12 months, New Years Day is often seen as a day of celebration, welcome and opportunity and the month also holds a sense of hope and optimism. While I prefer the term goals over resolutions, I did want to take advantage of the traditional meaning/belief of New Years Day by making a big step into my improved heath.

A detox is more than just a physical purification process: it’s clarity of the mind, soul and heart in a series of stages that goes beyond the body. A can be a powerful and an impactful experience and to achieving your goals, if you possess the mindset to allow it to occur. Once should go in with the an approach of embracing renewal and wholeness as you will be releasing toxins and negativity. A few days before the New Year , I made a goal of improved health and wellness; meaning that I wanted this journey to be twofold – one that captured cleansing from the inside out and with longevity afterwards. My very first step was a body detox. Yes, I know detoxing sounds extreme and perhaps you, as have I, may have heard of persons who only consumed liquids for a few days with no solid food (approx. 3 – 5 days), only had soups or raw foods for 7 days, etc., I reviewed my options and chose a local, plant-based supplement detox program for a seven (7) day period. These supplements contain natural and organic ingredients, specially formulated to remove toxins from key organs in the body on a cellular level including the colon, blood and lymphatic system. In researching some of the herbs (some of which I were familiar with) in the supplement, knowing that I would have professional support and additional data, I felt even more confident that this would be effective.

These include:

  • Dandelion

  • Burdock Root

  • Spirulina

  • Mullen Leaf

  • Licorice Root

Bonus: Each supplement package also included the benefits of the supplement for each organ/system to help understand the positive effects of the herbs.

Throughout the process I ate mostly alkaline vegetables (pumpkin, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, etc.) which wasn’t much of a change from my usual eating style, and continued to use my usual olive and coconut oil for cooking, which were also alkaline. It was learning the acid foods which had to remain at 20% per meals and in some regard were surprising, such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews (one of my favorites), green tea, grapes, berries and pineapples. Additionally, dinner was scheduled to a 7/8pm time and supplements were to be taken up to an hour in advance. Undeterred, I made my adjustments as needed, and was focused on completing this goal successfully. On Days 3 and 6, my body experienced major signs of cleansing and by Day 7, I truly felt light. Additionally, by that date I was so accustomed to the early dinner, large amounts of water and alkaline meals that I continued to incorporate it into my everyday life, thus achieving the wellness portion of my goal.

This process had provided me with a type of reset of my body, as after it was completed, my body would instantly responds by letting me know and better understand which foods help and harm my body. This was shown if ever I felt any changes (pains, indigestion, bloating, etc.), how quickly and why. It's also helped with changing my diet and making better food choices. The detox can also be a first step towards starting an elimination diet for those who may have been diagnosed who are unsure if you are allergic to gluten or want to identify any other allergies, foods that may cause digestion or wanting to start a new eating lifestyle (alkaline/paleo/vegan/vegetarian). Along with exercise, the detox can also help towards the first steps to achieving a weight loss goal, once you exercise in moderation. Most importantly, it can be beneficial in you a more Ph balanced body and feeling healthier overall, which were both end results of my experience.

Please note that before starting any body detox (supplements, colonics, fasting, juices/smoothies), it’s best to speak with your doctor and research the facts, ingredients and reviews. I encourage you to select the best option for you based on these items as well as your lifestyle (shift or office worker), budget and other obligations.

With this experience acting as a first step into achieving this overall goal, it has provided me the platform for continued and improved wellness throughout this year and beyond.

Let’s Chat! Have you ever tried a detox? What was your experience? Would you try a detox?

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Jan 31, 2019

Hey Love-On,

Yes detoxes are used and needed for a variety of personal and health reasons and truly do offer many benefits. I’m happy that you found this article informative and hope that you find the detox that best suits you.


Love-On Dames
Love-On Dames
Jan 31, 2019

I didn’t realize how many people go the detox and fasting route for the typically January cliche. I always thought the option was just exercising. I’ve beem wanting to find a fast/detox that works. Reading your article definitely definitely brings some incite and encouragement. Thanks

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