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Steps for a purpose - Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2019

Heart beating fast, sun blazing and for a moment I just want to stop – but I don’t. "Not until the end." I say between quick breathes and squinted eyes...

With a crowd behind me and what seems like thousands before me, I push on. It wasn’t for the medal, a position or for gloating- it’s for the goal. The ability to say I finished this for you: the survivors who fought and conquered and those who inspire us from beyond. I used this motivation to complete the race that day and it felt victorious! This is the moment that I and so many others share at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. In its 9th year, Sunshine Insurance continued to host an event that’s inspiring, empowering and engaging, for persons from all walks of life. Each attendee has their individual story that guides their steps and hearts throughout the 3.1 miles in the warm subtropical weather.

Volunteers and groups cheered on throughout the path with signs, optimism and animation; encouraging all participants to the very end. Crossing the line was one of my greatest moments as my constant motivation were the family, friends, survivors and colleagues who have seen, touched, experienced and conquered this disease in any manner and who are truly to be celebrated. I jog for them. I stand for them.

After sharing in this moment with friends and colleagues, I enjoyed the usual festivities of the event : drinks, treats and giveaways! (Did someone say sample?? :-D) .

Participants stayed hydrated with the selection of free beverages including Vitamalt, Vitamin C infused water (including dissolvable tablets from Haliborange in lemon and orange flavors), Ensure and water from Dasani and other vendors. Juicin’ for Life offered an array of fresh smoothies including: Fruits in Season and Strawberry Sunrise. I tried the Jolly Green which included superfoods like kale, spinach and strawberries along with protein boosters such as banana (and an additional scoop of whey protein) and other fruits such as pineapple and passion fruit. It was a smoothe and refreshing drink that kept me cool and hydrated. For the adventurous individuals, the Chickcharney Challenge staged a floating rock for those who dared to try rock climbing and give their legs an extra stretch.

Never to be overlooked, those with a sweet tooth were treated to ice cream and sorbet from the internationally known brand – Ben & Jerry’s . The line for these treats were continuously long but was worth the wait. I was able to get two scoops of lemon sorbet and the final cone (bonus!). I also had a fresh Hibiscus Hideaway popsicle from local favorite and one of my go-to vendors, Pop Stop 242. This flavor and Soursop were their top recommendations and truly captured the natural taste of the local hibiscus plant. Poise also offered packages for all female participants including a pink jump rope so that you don’t miss a moment to count those daily step goals (10,000 is recommended), whether at home or on the park. This is definitely one item that I will use often and will help me achieve my fitness goals.

The main highlight of the event was the acknowledgement and recognition of the survivors who were introduced by a vibrant and colorful Junkanoo Rush Out. The survivors and supporters danced and interacted with supporters as they went on stage. Special mentions and recognition were given to those who were here to share their stories including the youngest survivors who were twenty two (22) and twenty six (26) years old. A tribute was also given to those who had lost their battle with cancer but lived on in the hearts of her family, friends and others. Emphasis was also placed on having early testing for both male and female, as studies show that 1 in every 9 males in the Bahamas will be diagnosed with cancer.

At this event, locals and visitors were linked in unity and empowered for a cause that is known around the world, but more importantly celebrated those who have faced the disease and are here to empower and inspire others. Thank you Sunshine Insurance for providing this experience – I look forward to Race for the Cure 2020!

Why do you participate in the Race for the Cure? What was your favorite highlight of the event? Did you participate in the Rock Climbing?

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