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Six tips to prepare for the 2020 Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Linda Clarke at the 2019 Susan G. Komen Race

Have you dusted off your tennis shoes or put aside your seasoned kicks in preparation for Susan G Komen Race for the Cure next month? You’re not alone! On January 18 -19, 2020, the Marathon Bahamas weekend which includes a line up a relay, half marathon, relay and 5k, will be celebrating 10 years since its inception in the Bahamas.  To mark this milestone, early registrants (the first 500) were given bright pink tutus to don during the race, and highlighting the symbolic color for breast cancer.  Highly famed and well attended by scores of tourists and Bahamians alike, running coach and Sunshine Insurance Organizing Executive Committee member Linda Clarke, says the initial 5K race (held on January 18th) is ideal for the runner in all of us. Noting that the 3.1 miles race does have the challenge of an incline, Clarke says that it creates an even platform form for beginners and veterans alike, in an open and engaging atmosphere.  To prepare for this race and to help attain an optimum finishing time, Linda provides the following six tips to make the race an enjoyable and safe experience:

Train in advance – It’s important to prepare for the different terrain variations to avoid any injuries.  Monitoring your pace, running splits and overall time in advance will allow you to set goals for the race.  “Although the 5k is the least demanding of the race weekend, it’s still challenging because of the steady hill-like incline after the first mile.  It’s important to remember that if you don’t train, you can injure yourself." stated Clarke.

Wear the proper running shoes and gear – Proper running shoes are your best friend for any race or training, as your feet are the tools that propel you into running with ease.  Without the correct support, size, materials, and feel, you can injure not only your feet and other joints but also detract from having and maintaining a proper running form which is essential to achieving progress in the sport. Additionally wearing a hydration belt (for those who carry water during their races) as well as a cell phone holder (assists with tracking your run during the race and securing your phone can also be helpful.

Opt for dry fit over cotton – For the best in ventilation and release of sweat, it’s better to choose dry fit over cotton so that you don’t feel restricted or burdened by trapped heat and moist clothing.  This allows your body to move comfortably throughout the race.

Practice the proper running form – This is like the asana pose in yoga: a crucial pose for yoga that's also great for your posture.  The running form involves arms (at short 45 - 90 degree angles), elevated feet, and an upright chest, among other factors.  The proper form avoids the use of excess energy, maintains a good overall posture and ensures relaxed muscles (eg. unclenching of hands or teeth) and a safer overall run.  Ensure that you master this before starting the race.

Don’t try anything new on Race Day – Interested in trying a new pre-workout powder on race day or plan on having a hearty breakfast?  This may not be the best choice if you hadn’t eaten this way during your training.  It’s best to mimic every aspect of your training and not try anything new, so as to garner the best results.  You won’t be surprised by possible bouts of indigestion or cramps if you use the steps ad habits gained through training.

Lastly, always remember Safety First! - Headaches, nausea, and feelings of light-headedness are signs that your body is not at its best to run a race.  Be mindful of these, and walk if necessary; adding frequent hydration and stops in shaded areas to assist with recovery.

With these tips, you can better prepare to attain your running goals and enjoy the race with minimal room for error. 

Linda with fellow runner Patrice at the 2017 Marathon Bahamas Weekend

Linda encourages beginners to take it easy and enjoy the journey of the race in all facets.   The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure starts at 7:00am sharp at Montague Beach on Saturday, January 18, 2020.  For more information on registering and training, contact Linda Clarke at 727-5318 and visit the website to view the race map.

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