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Siblings' Birthday Brunch at Altitude!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

It’s no surprise that Altitude located in Fusion Superplex has a panoramic view that oversees one of New Providence’s biggest lakes and glimpses of the Baha Mar Resort. My brother and I are both foodies, so celebrating each other’s birthdays is always an occasion to try incredible food or visit a new food hotspot. To celebrate his birthday, we had brunch at Altitude to see what all the chatter was about. The artwork by Bahamian artist Preston Hanna was vibrant and breathtaking, adding color and character to the overall setting.

We ordered mango and strawberry lemonades which were both refreshing and appreciated the ambiance and sense of seclusion that allowed us to feel relaxed and free to talk, laugh and enjoy the space. We started off with one of my favorite bites (avocado toast) and a freshly made Fusion Chopped Salad. I love the sharp and sweet notes of the balsamic vinegar, the juiciness of the halved cherry tomatoes and mashed avocado which provided varied textures and flavors. The crunch was undeniable! The salad was hearty and refreshing, paired with a light vinaigrette.

Next up was the mushroom & spinach omelet which was a more than satisfying size, especially with the crispy fried bacon and the low mountain of breakfast potatoes topped with sautéed veggies. It contained too much cheese for our liking (found in the center), but once removed, it became more enjoyable. Being a pancake lover, I dared myself to try a new dish with the guava French toast, the presentation of fresh berries and syrup on the side was persuasive but unfortunately, it was undercooked. The waiter was friendly and professional, providing me with my order of salted caramel pancakes which were delicious and filling! I absolutely had no more room to finish them or even order a dessert. Fortunately, we were both able to take our food with us to our next stop: the 4DX experience!

One thing I must point out is that Altitude receives huge points for its branding and for supporting Bahamian talent. Not only for the artwork representing the “Soul Vibrations” series but also for their branding, as seen on their Fusion hot sauce. This shows the collaboration of local green (agriculture – hot sauce) and orange (creatives – art) economies coming together and being celebrated. We had an incredible time at Altitude and the waiter was extremely accommodating. He made us laugh, took our photos and added to the memorable experience. To top it all off, we watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 4DX, which was a very interactive experience. It was my first time in that theatre, so all of the movement and full engagement of my sense was completely unexpected :). I would recommend both aspects of our fun-filled day and would certainly go back.

Birthdays are the best and it's an extra reason to have a blast and enjoy fulfilling life experiences. Have you had an Altitude or Fusion movie experience? Let me know below.

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