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My Birthday Reflection Journey – The job of yesteryear

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Birthdays are all about reflection and celebration. This year I found myself reflecting on various aspects of my life, finding comfort in the new and old moments. Two days prior to the big Bday (Labor Day), I wanted to celebrate a small personal victory and was encouraged by a girlfriend to dine at an eatery whose food I REALLY wanted to try and/or haven’t had in ages. Thinking long and hard, I abruptly thought: Hard Rock Cafe! Not only have I been a long time fan of their vegetarian options (veggie burger, fajitas, salads and sandwiches) but it was also one of my first jobs! In my early 20s, Hard Rock was one of two jobs at the time and one where I worked the night shift and learned my early career lessons of working with others, multiple personalities, the food and beverage industry as well as customer service. Sitting in the window seat and enjoying the natural sunlight, I found it ironic that 15 years later I found myself back here. I looked around smiling at how far I had come since being here and how happy I was to be able to return as some times buildings and companies are closed down, destroyed or inaccessible. I took a deep breath as I walked around and inhaled the rock music and memorabilia, which were as reminiscent as ever. Remembering the long, hard nights of working shifts, while still saving for my academics gave me a few moments to be proud of my progress. I took in every moment I was there and left with a sense of gratitude for the food and the reminder. I highly recommend the fajitas which come with all the extra fixings (guacamole, sour cream, cheese, rice) as well as served fresh off the grill, sizzle and all!

Today's reflective lesson: Be proud of where you are in your life; with every step you have reached closer to where you’re meant to be. Never forget your beginnings!

What is your most memorable or introspective job? What did you learn?

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