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Authentic Indian Food, Birthday Drinks & Fun at the Taj Mahal Restaurant

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I’ve always admired Indian cuisine for its spices and depth of flavors. One of my earliest memories of Indian food was a mix of curried okra and tomatoes that I absolutely love and recreate whenever I can. I made my 3rd stop at the centrally located Taj Mahal restaurant on Parliament St. in Nassau, Bahamas to celebrate one of my besties’ birthdays in golden style. Known for its authentic Indian cuisine, Taj Mahal always delivers amazing food and I was ready to indulge in some delicious flavors.

We started off with an order of mixed drinks of white Russian (served in a copper mug which I thought was a nice touch as drinking from copper cups can boost your antioxidants) and an Amaretto sour. The latter was true to the sour name and had accents of lemon-lime flavor for that tangy taste. I would’ve liked some house water for the table but it’s not a part of their offerings. They also didn’t have a beverage menu which would’ve been helpful for ordering.

For food, we ordered a spread of Lamb Saag (saag is a combination of creamy spinach and mustard greens commonly found in northern India) which featured chunks of lamb that simply melted in your mouth. This was paired with plain basmati rice and a side of sliced cheese naan. Tip: If you place some of the saag into the naan and fold it before biting, it tastes like roti! I ordered the side of Allo Gobi which is a combo of chunky potatoes and cauliflower florets, green peas and halved cherry tomatoes in a light ginger and garlic cream sauce. The overall taste of the dish was very subtle and worked well with the basmati rice. I would recommend adding a touch of salt to really make it pop. I love that there are menu options where the plants are the star, including the Chana Masala and Tarka Daahl. They didn’t have any mango lassi drink available, which is my favorite beverage to order there because it's this amazing creamy and fruity drink mix of mango with a hint of cinnamon. The flavor is divine.

I loved the décor as it really tied into various aspects of the Indian culture inclusive of gold and jeweled figurines of elephants (which represent power, wisdom, fertility, and strength) as well as the peacock which is the national beard of India. The ambiance was one of elegant fine dining and had an overall feel of family and connecting, which was seen in the many family-filled tables in the main dining area. It felt sooo good to socialize and enjoy indoor dining after years of restrictions due to the pandemic. It was a night full of great laughs, food and fun.

Fingers crossed that the mango lassi is available on my next visit, along with some dessert, and I’ll probably order a saag dish because I’m a spinach fan. Let me know your must-haves from the Taj Mahal and your top drink. Do you think you would check it out for lunch, dinner or a birthday meet up? Let me know below.


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