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Highlights of the 2018 AgriBusiness Expo

Updated: May 8, 2018

The family geared Agri-Business expo was a plant-based lover’s dream. Persons with a green thumb, a love for mother nature and those who eat from field to fork felt at home in a maze of demos, music and homemade keepsakes such as honey and candles. There was tamarind sauce galore, fruit pops by Pop Stop (including soursop and strawberry watermelon) and pepper jelly samples for those who wanted an added spice to their snacks or cooking. Patrons were also able to enjoy coconut water fresh out of the coconut, lined with slivers of edible jelly. I arrived, hoping to have my basket filled with crops of the native fields. My main stops were BAIC, BAMSI and Sunset Organic Farm. BAIC showcased Bahamian favorites like tamarind and scotch bonnet (i.e. goat pepper) which I purchased, and also offered tomato marmalade and cool watermelon juice. The watermelon juice was a welcome and refreshing drink amidst the blazing weekend heat, with high levels of vitamins A and C which are skin-boosting agents.

I’m a big fan of all-natural, organic and raw food, all of which Sunset Farm had a huge selection, from energy balls made of moringa and beets, to fresh lentils, pumpkin seeds, quinoa and goji berries. The falafel (6 pieces in all) were made of beets and chickpea flour, and were served with a tangy tahini sauce. Once warmed, these bite-sized pieces melted in my mouth in seconds. The vegan cookie, made with dark chocolate, was moist and chewy. It also added extra sweetness to my trail mix of nuts and seeds the following day.

BAMSI was a major highlight of the day as crowds of persons covered the produce display. I was able to get my bag of fresh ingredients including eggplant and bell peppers (which I used to make roll-ups and stuffed eggplant) as well as bananas and green leaf lettuce. I also liked the personal touch of mini fresh papayas given out by their company representative, Paul. He also offered this health tidbit: papaya seeds have an active detox property where it kills parasites (due to its carpaine component).

Although a variety of vendors were present at this event, each of the mentioned vendors do have additional options for providing produce and other natural items to the public. BAIC hosts a farmer’s market every week (Gladstone Road), BAMSI has a produce store (East Bay St.) and Sunset Organic Farm is available at the BAIC Farmer’s Market and also at their base location near Sunset Park.

Be sure to visit your local Farmer’s Markets for seasonal fruits and vegetables; these make the best meals and provide essential health benefits. Where is your favorite Farmer’s Market located? Leave a comment below or on the homepage.

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