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Dare to Laugh. Dare to Love. Dare to Dream.

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

When last have you thought about your dreams? Tapped into the vision of who you want to be, even if it scares you? On Saturday December 15, 2018, Award- winning trainer and fellow visionary, Keshelle Davis took a group of ambitious individuals on a soul-searching journey like no other. Participants entered the room with their dreams and aspirations on their sleeves (and in the hearts), anxiously anticipating the moment to place them all on a dreamboard (a detailed poster-board that captures pieces of your personal vision of who and where you want to be). While, yes, this did eventually turn words into images, thoughts into action words and for some, finding the words for their dream; participants gained so much more than a physical representation of the aspirations – they gained hope. They gained loved. They gained support.

On that windy evening, during the cusp of the holiday party and socials season, these individuals walked into a brightly lit and colorful room with the intent of discovering and owning their dreams. As participants quickly convened, they were greeted by the vivacious Laval, who stirred up excitement and motivation throughout the night. As they gathered into groups, persons were introduced by the group leaders and shared vision-related words among the crowd. This lit the initial spark to which word can be used to define their next level. For me, it was more than a coincidence that my table’s letter was 'R', as I had thought thoroughly on what my word for 2019 would be and had previously chosen the word: Redefine. This link symbolized for me that I was definitely in the exact place that I needed to be in that moment.

Shortly after, Keshelle challenged us to delve into ourselves; with one of the biggest questions of the night: “Who do you want to be?” In response to this, attendees were asked to think on a deep emotional and mental level, as this would allow them to identify a clear definition of vision of who this person may be. We were asked to fully express (with no limits or hesitations), what we wanted to experience in all aspects of our lives including the spiritual, relational/social, financial , academic and self expression in order to gain a full view of this confident and successful ‘YOU’ that is within our reach. This activity provided clarity, excitement and engagement among the crowd, as they shared their desires in an open and supportive space. Subsequently, participants were asked to consider any negative thoughts or emotions surrounding their dreams that may be hindering their dreams from being made real. Some identified their fears; others released thoughts of frustration and disappointment and few found a moment where they discovered that it was their lack of inward confidence and belief, that were holding them back. In that moment they found their breakthrough.

When the most anticipated aspect of the night arrived, attendees were anxious to place their dreams of travel, early retirement, family, financial freedom and luxury on their self-approved reflection of their happiest and most successful selves. Not only were they asked to create but also to own this vision, by speaking it into being with others and thus absorbing it deeper into their mindset and begin a shift into their individual psyche on what they can accomplish and become. The evening ended with a bond of collective creative minds who have re-envisioned who they are, made it visual and now have a more powerful, defined and confident sense of self.

Although we are on the threshold of a New Year, do know that you can rediscover or redefine yourself at anytime.  Dreams don’t have an expiration date, nor does creativity.  Do not feel pressured to follow the status quo and believe that only on January 1st, can you seek, identify and pursue any changes you want in your life. There is greatness in all of us and I challenge you to search into yourself, analyze your thoughts and identify your dreams and that vibrant, successful you who is eagerly waiting to show him/herself to the world! Who will you be in 2019?

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Jan 20, 2019

Hey Lavaughn, thanks so much for your comment! Yes, these are the events that provide inspiration, clarity and self-awareness. I'll keep you posted on the next event ;)


Lavaughn Dames
Lavaughn Dames
Jan 19, 2019

I absolutely love soul searching and motivational events like this. It reminds me to think of me, i.e. who I am, what I want, and all the characteristics I’ve gained through every experience. I wish I knew of the event to attend. But I’m so glad you had a great time.

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