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Bahama Honey Review

Aren’t we all looking for a sugar substitute go with our morning brews, pancake stackers, and dessert recipes? Amidst CoVID-19 we’re looking for ways to be healthier (and in some cases - leaner), wherever we can. Honey has been trending for a while, especially in 2019 when many of my coworkers wanted to reduce their sugar intake and were more interested in using honey for health and personal reasons. Andros has become a haven for agricultural enrichment with the introduction of BAMSI and thus it’s no surprise that one of its scholars created a business with honey as its focus. Bahama Honey was found by Khrys Carroll in 2020 and is a fully Bahamian owned and operated brand. I was so excited to be the first to have its 5oz keepsake bottle and to taste the flavor of the island through this product. During my review, I looked at design, flavor, color, and versatility/accessibility.

Tea is a well sought after commodity in the Bahamas and ranges from commercial blends to those of the bush tea origin (like Grandma used to make it). While coffee has its place, most offices are filled with employees who enjoy and are accustomed to a hot cup of tea as a means to detox or to welcome the day. Lipton is a fan favorite but bush tea is classic, alongside flavors such as mint, chamomile, green, Indian chai and earl grey which I prefer due to the range and distinction in tastes and scents. So of course, my main taste test was with tea!

Upon opening the honey, it was so aromatic and inviting. I used 3 tablespoons in a 10oz. cup of Lipton tea and it provided a bold taste of honey with a low sense of sweetness (not overly sweet). It was enough to give you that honey favor without tipping into feeling guilty if you’re on your low sugar diet. The taste is mellow and complements beverages nicely. You will need multiple amounts for it to taste sugary, which works for those who want a very sweet flavor. I also used it in homemade iced Fevergrass and Hibiscus Tea as well as in a hot cup of Soursop, Mango and Sour Leaf teas by Back to the Bush. Drizzling it atop banana pancakes and a hot bowl of oatmeal was also fun and rewarding as the thick texture and dark consistency reminded me of syrup but with a more natural flavor. The texture is mostly filtered, easy to mix with a spoon and pour, despite the density. The bottle has a smooth design, was easy to hold, allowed a tablespoon to fit in perfectly and the use of the bee image at the top really connects the customer to the brand (plus it’s so cute!).

I recommend Bahama Honey’s product for its clean, natural flavor, thick texture, as well as smooth and mellow flavor. It was a great addition to my kitchen and satisfied my craving for a bit of sweet every now and then. Products (start at $10 - before collection from the boat, and range up to 3lbs) can be ordered via WhatsApp or voice call on 242-824-3349, as well as through a DM on Instagram at @Bahamahoney. Cashless payment options are also available using banking transfer, PayPal, or IslandLuck account. Being located in Andros is definitely not a deterrent as packages are sent to Nassau consistently every Thursday to arrive on Friday morning 9:30 am @Potter’s Cay Dock onboard the M/v Lady Rosalind. I received my packaged shortly before 10am with no complications or inconvenience. Remember to follow @bahamahoney for updates, videos and product info!


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