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Art: Part of my family DNA

Art, commonly described as the visual expression of creative skill and imagination, is found in many forms such as literature, dance, sculptures and painting. Every piece of art is powerful: capturing the beauty and emotional power of not only the artist but also their muse (i.e.) subject. Art captivates you: allowing you to convey your thoughts and desires into your unique form of beauty. It is as delightful and mesmerizing for the spectator as it is the artisan, who can view and interpret the vision is a variety of ways.

Since my 6th year, art has been one of my longest, deepest loves: expressive, alluring and inspiring. I see and appreciate art in all forms, initially discovering a fondness for foreign language (firstly with French taught by Mademoiselle Ali who opened my mind to the beauty, elegance and sophistication of spoken word and affectionately referred to me as ‘Chloe’). In my 7th to final year, I learned Spanish with Senorita Adams, and enjoyed every part of it. Art is a staple in my family, originating from my mother who was a soulful writer, leaving a collection of journals and poetry, as well as a painter (I still remember the bright orange glow of the hibiscus that she painted). She has gifted my siblings and I with this elaborate and profound form of expression, each of us identifying and using it in different ways. My brother is able to paint, sketch images with great intricate detail and write intellectual pieces; while my younger sister (@pookieart), the most artistic of us, sketches, paints and creates timeless art through photography.

At age 12 I broke into the world of written art, creating my first poem at age 12 and haven’t stop since! My writing (essays, articles, press releases, blogs, etc.) has and continues to evolve. Although I’ve most connected with writing and culinary arts, my high school years were filled with many pages of black and white sketches that were drawn during the lunch break in the afternoons near an open window. I enjoyed using fine lines, curves and dimensions to create images. One of my favorite characters to sketch were from the Archie comics and kept quite the collection for a few years. As interested as I was in sketching, I hadn’t used this skill since high school.

With the thought of a reflective birthday, I thought of my mom. She was a great painter and I wondered if I too, possessed this skill. I signed up at @bigpictureltd , full of optimism , excitement and curiosity. The night’s theme was ‘Tropical Sunset’ which I found quite fitting as it was one that created a mood of peace and relaxation. The thought of my mother shone through at the start of the session and her presence remained with me throughout. I was not nervous, but focused on tapping into my sketching as well as painting (should they exist). With a thorough and determined approach (wanting to be exact but also just going with the flow) I stood back in amazement at what I created. It seems that the colorful strokes, bold blends and controlled lines created a masterpiece! I looked at it beaming with pride; not only that I had created something so beautiful but also that it was something my mom would be proud of and showed that I had another piece of her in me.

This moment was so defining and surreal. Glowing as I took a photo with the painting, I knew my mom was with me and instantly felt closer to her. I now associate painted art with tranquility, warmth and a soulful connection.


  • You never lose your skills, they only need to be rediscovered and practiced

  • Don’t set limits on yourself; you are more skilled than you know

  • Our parents are always with us and although we may not know all the traits we adopted from them, these traits are part of our DNA and add to who we are. Be proud of that and keep them close. You are an extension of your parents’ legacy.

What is our connection with art? What defining moment connected you with your family?

At Big Picture Paint & Sip Studio

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