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A Beginner’s Wine Experience with Ready Set Go

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Wine Subscription Ready Set Go takes you on palate wine journey that encompasses the old (France) world and new (South Africa), in an elegant, modern-styled setting found in Café at Parliament in Downtown Nassau. Owner of this wine subscription, Fredrick Rahming, warmly greeted each attendee, who instantly connected with his inviting demeanor; responding in good cheer as they walked into the brightly-lit café and were seated momentarily.  Fredrick’s clever icebreaker of having guests say something random about themselves brought about laughter, commentary, and a more relaxed atmosphere among the crowd, with persons declaring their relationship status, love of wine, status a wine newbie, and even details on their car! Three glasses awaited each guest – two Cabernet Sauvignon glasses and one Flute, which were a very important part of this Five-Course Wine Experience.  I admired that each fine wine was poured tableside prior to each course, as it added a personal and classy touch to the overall experience. As a new wine explorer and potential enthusiast, I was eager to learn more about this fine beverage that is so revered and loved around the world and can make any moment or meal more sophisticated and relaxed with one glass. Thus I attended this beginner’s wine tasting with hopes of learning a few tricks about knowing and identifying characteristics of wine, which will allow me to read a wine list with a bit more distinction, understanding, and knowledge of my own personal preferences. Fredrick’s relatable, friendly and engaging presence continued throughout the night as he visited each table during the various steps of learning and understanding each wine, allowing the guests to comment openly and honestly on their interpretations of the scent, taste, and origin of each. It was informative, engaging, and light-hearted.

Host - Fredrick Rahming (CEO, Ready Set Go)

During the event, I learned that:

  •  The tannins (which originate from the skin of the grape) determines its dryness.

  •  The taste and smell of the wine can be tart, ripe, overripe/jammy or baked/oxidative/overripe (similar to the flavor of a baked apple pie).

  •  White wines are often lighter in flavor and have a fruitier, cleaner smell and taste depending on your palate.

  •  Noir and Blanc wines come in six (6) variations including Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc.

  •  Wines can be classified as acidic.

  •  There is a significant connection between the age of the wine and its overall presentation (taste, scent, color).

Note: I’m excited to say that I finally learned the art and purpose of ‘The Swirl’! I had seen it many times and never quite understood the reason behind it.  This continuous motion of small, clockwise circles is an essential part of tasting and identifying the density of the wine, as it allows air into the liquid, thus allowing you to experience the full body of the wine. 

Eureka! Now I know!

(Left to right:conch fritters, crab cakes and vegetable stuffed mushrooms)

 My fellow guests and I were feeling peckish and ordered from their tapas list that offered hot and cold items that you’re able to mix and match any 3 items for $15.  I ordered the crab cakes (I had to have them!!), vegetable-stuffed mushrooms, and conch fritters, thinking it a fitting selection to compliment the white wine which is commonly known to pair well with seafood and vegetables.  The food was served hot, with the crab cakes (topped with salsa) having a fresh, lightly seasoned and tangy flavor, and the stuffed mushrooms exuding a roasted and hearty taste. The conch fritters did not disappoint as they were crispy and filled with chunks of conch.  I enjoyed them between small sips of white wine. 

 The crowd remained entertained and interactive throughout the night, with participants guessing the age, origin, and type of wine for each among themselves and for the host.  Fredrick assured everyone that there were no wrong answers and encouraged all to share freely. Top prizes were given for those who guessed the most answers correctly, including a wine glass set, a personal wine glass, and a wine serving set.  Although I didn’t win a prize, I discovered that I am more of a white wine lover as I prefer its subtle fruity scents and sweetness, after tasting the fourth wine - a Washington Hills 2017 Late Harvest Riesling Albarino (originating from the new world). On the eve of midnight, the event ended with a glass of bubbly (Prosecco) and a toast to mark the conclusion of Ready Set Go’s third wine-tasting.  Raised glasses and clanging sounds filled the air as cheers and applause arose to commemorate this moment.  Fredrick’s love and passion for wine and sharing this with others were truly felt around the room.

I recommend this event as a small social gathering with friends, an interesting first date or a way to test your wine-tasting skills!  It’s an event easily enjoyed by wine enthusiasts and rookies alike, with room to share, laugh and socialize with a glass (or 3!) of great wine. To be a part of next month’s beginner’s wine tasting, contact Fredrick at (242) 376-0382 or ( Each wine tasting event showcases new wines, a new theme and venue, so stay tuned through Ready Set Go’s Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest on upcoming events and featured wines. To keep your wine collection well-stocked and ready for any at-home ladies soiree, night in or romantic moments, join their monthly wine subscriptions are available at $50 - $100 (delivery will be arranged online).

Tell me your favorite wines below and don't forget to subscribe for updates on upcoming blog posts!

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