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5 Things You Learn After a Body Detox

Hello! In the days following my detox, I continued to experience the liberating and empowering effects of it, in body, mind and spirit. In light of this, I wanted to share 5 things I learnt after my detox:

1. Your body talks to you. Main language - Groans and aches for no, harmonious internal feeling for yes. After you’ve cleansed your body of all the build up of food, toxins and other harmful particles, you are now in the stage of food/beverage reintroduction. When beginning to eat as you ‘normally’ would prior to the cleanse, your body quickly let’s you know if it likes the food item or not (imagine a 2 yr old who only pouts, shakes their head and screams "No!" anytime you show them something that LOOKS like broccoli). Your body will let you know, in sometimes the most painful, instant and embarrassing ways possible, when it does not want or can digest a certain food item. My advice: Take notes during this time, as this will be very important to understanding your body’s digestive process with certain foods and also avoiding bloating, allergic reactions and indigestion through informed awareness.

When you your body speaks - Listen.

2. Fried/Fatty Foods will weigh on you in more ways than one. Having a small order of fries may sound delicious and tempting after a 5 - 6 week absence and a week long detox, but it may leave your tongue and conscience with a heavy feeling. About 10 days after the fast, I thought to keep fast food at a minimum – once per week to be exact - so as to manage my intake of unprocessed foods. Low and behold a craving for fries hit me hard and lingered on for HOURS – so I decided to give in (BIG MISTAKE!). Yes, at first the fries were hot, salty and tasted delicious….......and then I quickly regretted my decision. I began to realize just how salty the fries were (too salty) as I was able to dust it easily off my fingers. In addition to this, I began to taste that a combination of oils were used for frying and it left me with a thick bitter film on my tongue and inside my mouth. Definitely not doing that again. Note to self - you may notice all the extra additives and seasonings found in your usual fast food items.

Cravings?? What cravings?!?!

3. There will be foods you once craved that you realize you can do without. I used to be a big popcorn, pretzel and carrot cake (no raisins please!) fan. I also liked the occasional sorbet (any fruit, shout out to @shiverbahamas) or fruit popsicle (coconut) and the rare mini cinnabon. However, since my detox I’ve surprisingly lost the craving for sweets! Last Friday I was in the Marathon Mall area - prime spot for sugary options - and although I wanted to indulge in one of these treats, I lacked the desire for any of my usually intriguing dessert options. Oddly enough, I don’t miss the craving as it allows me to be more mindful of my sugar intake and choose healthier options. i'm a BIT OCD lol.

4. In the journey of a more balanced body, you will begin to seek balance in other aspects of your life and actively pursue it. Being more aware of how removing any form of negativity from your life leads to inner peace, I quickly thought on ways to remove any clutter from within my immediate space. I’ve made plans to sort through my closet and bureau, revisit my filled storage boxes and find creative and innovative ways to use the space I have rather than believing I need more. It's key to remember that clarity and order allows for a more positive flow of thoughts and energy.

5. You will feel more in control of your body – and that’s a really good feeling!

Let’s Chat! Which one of these points can you relate to? What have you experienced after a detox? Have you lost a food craving?

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Love-On Dames
Love-On Dames
Feb 07, 2019

I totally understand what you mean in reading this. I went to the gym five days a week for one month straight. The instructors for the classes worked me so hard that I didn’t even want to eat lettuce where I didn’t want to have to work it off. Everything I use to crave like sweets, and macaroni, and fried foods-none of it was attractive because when I thought of the work I had to do to work it off, it wasn’t worth it. I tasted every seasoning used in every meal I ate. It’s almost like retraining your body. Totally relate!

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